Butterfly Loafers – Sennia Horween Pioneer


The Butterfly Loafers in Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather. In this post, we’ll explore the unique features and timeless appeal of these remarkable shoes. Crafted with precision and designed to impress, these loafers are a blend of style and comfort that every fashion enthusiast should consider. So, let’s dive in!

–  Leather: Sienna Horween Pioneer leather
–  Both leather for insole and outsole
–  Hand lasted
–  Hand welted
–  Fiddleback waist
–  Delivery time: 3-4 weeks(in case sold out)

Another leather or patina please contact ichigoichie.shoemaker@gmail.com

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  • UK 5
  • UK 5.5
  • UK 6
  • UK 6.5
  • UK 7
  • UK 7.5
  • UK 8
  • UK 8.5
  • UK 9
  • UK 9.5
  • UK 10
  • UK 10.5
  • UK 11
  • UK 11.5
  • UK 12
  • C = Narrow
  • D = Medium
  • E = Wide


Half sole rubber +
Toe plate +
Spring Loaded +
180 Norwegian +
270 Norwegian +
360 Norwegian +
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Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather: A Class of Its Own

The foundation of the Butterfly Loafers’ charm lies in the material they’re crafted from – Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather. This exquisite leather, produced by the renowned Horween Leather Company, is known for its unmatched quality and aesthetic appeal. Its rich sienna hue, exquisite texture, and remarkable durability make it the ideal choice for premium footwear.

Unveiling the Butterfly Loafers

  1. Timeless Design: The Butterfly Loafers boast a classic design that effortlessly merges with contemporary fashion. Whether you’re dressing for a formal occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, these loafers are the perfect choice.
  2. Unparalleled Comfort: Don’t be fooled by their sophisticated appearance; these loafers are exceptionally comfortable. The soft leather lining and cushioned insole ensure your feet feel as good as they look.
  3. Craftsmanship: Each pair of Butterfly Loafers is a testament to expert craftsmanship. From the hand-stitched details to the precision of the construction, these loafers are a work of art.
  4. Versatility: Versatile is an understatement when describing these loafers. Whether you’re pairing them with a suit, a casual blazer, or even a pair of jeans, they elevate your style.

The Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather Advantage

Horween Leather is synonymous with top-tier quality. Here’s why Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather stands out:

  1. Rich Patina: Over time, Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather develops a rich patina, enhancing its appeal and unique character.
  2. Durability: These loafers are designed to stand the test of time. The Sienna Horween leather ages beautifully and only becomes more attractive as it matures.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: Horween Leather is committed to sustainable practices, making these loafers a choice that’s as kind to the planet as they are to your feet.


In summary, Butterfly Loafers in Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather are a testament to elegance, comfort, and quality. Crafted with precision and made from one of the finest leathers available, these loafers are the perfect addition to your footwear collection. Elevate your style and invest in a pair that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for premium footwear that defines your fashion sense, Butterfly Loafers in Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather are a must-have. Don’t just wear shoes; make a statement with every step.

Ichigo Ichie Shoemaker invites you to explore the world of sophistication and style. Order your pair of Butterfly Loafers in Sienna Horween Pioneer Leather today and experience footwear like never before.

Our Ready to Wear line has been developed from our experience in bespoke shoemaking, applying our knowledge of last making and shoemaking to offer you our handmade approach to the craft. Each shoe is hand lasted and hand welted and features many of the same elements for which our bespoke shoes are known.

Size Shoes

UK 5, UK 5.5, UK 6, UK 6.5, UK 7, UK 7.5, UK 8, UK 8.5, UK 9, UK 9.5, UK 10, UK 10.5, UK 11, UK 11.5, UK 12


C = Narrow, D = Medium, E = Wide


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