At Ichigo Ichie Shoemaker, 100% of your orders would be made manually by our skillful artisan and premium, elevated materials. We say no to mass-production utilizing machinery to as we are devoted to uniqueness and meticulous craftmanship – which could never be offered by machines. We attribute the whole manual process to only one artisan, from counselling customers to exact foot measurement, leather selection, shoes patterns, shape and structure, cutting, sewing, refining, finishing and packaging.


Oder Style

We proudly offer our RTW/Made To Order collection and line of accessories, all made with our considered approach to craftsmanship.


Trial Shoes

(around 8 weeks)


Last Making

4 Weeks  

Pattern- & Upper Making, Lasting and Outsole Cementing

4 Weeks 

Shipping to Customer

3 – 7 Days  

Final Shoes

(around 12 weeks)

Fit Feedback and Final Last Modifications/ Adjustments

1 Week  

1. Preparation: Insole, Pattern & Upper Making

2 Weeks  

2. Making: Lasting, Bottom Making and Finishing

4 Weeks  

Lasted Tree Making (Optional)

4 Week  

Final Quality Control, Finishing and Packaging

4 Week  

Shipping to Customer

3-7 Days  

Our Customers Feedback

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We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come!

More Feedback

I had the pleasure of conditioning and shining these amazing shoes by @lee_bespoke at @ichigoichie_shoemaker.

Handmade single monks with Norvegese welt in Horween Hatch Grain by my friend @lee_bespoke at @ichigoichie_shoemaker. The stitch details, the blind stitch sole and fiddleback waist … all are just phenomenal. 🙏🙌

this pair was commissioned with a dear friend also a new bespoke shoemaker on the market @ichigoichie_shoemaker aka. @lee_bespoke.
Lee is amazing at pattern design and making, the shoe is made of single piece of @bakerstannerycolyton

I honestly don’t care it’s the middle of winter, snow and ice out, with brand new bespoke leather soles… I couldn’t wait to wear these fantastic remote #bespoke wholecut loafers in @bakerstannerycolyton replica Russian reindeer beautifully built by @ichigoichie_shoemaker @lee_bespoke.