Founder at ichigo-ichie shoes

I was initially a software engineer working in Japan and had a chance to talk to and work with well-known talented bespoke shoes designers from Japan and other countries in the world.

The interest and passion in bespoke shoes have been growing on me since the second I tried and experienced premium bespoke shoes. I started to learn shoemaking in Japan – where the number of bespoke shoe workshops has been continually rising in the past few years. Japan is becoming one of the leading bespoke shoemakers in the world with various talented shoemakers. Japanese shoemakers have been constantly developing their own unique taste when it comes to luxury footwear design; they all have strong passion towards premium-quality products and unique one-to-one design of bespoke shoes.

Taking inspiration from my love for Japanese shoemaking culture, I founded Ichigo-ichie.

I started bespoke shoe because I liked it, and I chose it as a way of life, so I don’t make things that I don’t understand.

I don’t want to do regrettable work because I think that I can make enough products in my lifetime to remember all the products.

From order meetings, purchasing of leather and other materials used, pattern making, cutting, sewing, hand-lasted, hand-welted , finishing and manufacturing process. I take responsibility for myself, so I am proud that I can do detailed work.

Therefore, it will take a very long time from receiving the order to delivering the finished product.

We make every effort to deliver the one and only product in the world, and we make it with all our heart.

Thank you for your understanding.


Designer at Ichigo-Ichie Shoes

Lee Trung

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude.
They lift you physically and emotionally”
— Christian Louboutin