Single Monk Split toe



Single monk split toe Norway Norwegian.

Below some of details of this pair:

  • Made To Measure on their Chisel Toe Last
  • J&FJ Baker Russian Hatch Leather
  • Skin Stitch Split Toe -Seamless Heel
  • Pie Crust Apron (slightly different from most styles out there)
  • Double Oak Soles
  • Fiddleback waist in Leaf Shape

■About JFJ Baker Russian Calf

The Russian Calf by J&FJ Baker is an homage of the coveted Cuir de Russie. This leather is most renowned for its hard wearing property and distinctive hatch grain. It is produced with an oak bark tanning process, true to the original article and is later hand dressed with birch oil during finishing.

The oak bark tannage is a slow gentle process that protects the natural fibers of the leather. It requires 12 months to complete and results in leathers with superior strength and durability. Leathers produced with this tanning method has an unmistakable woody aroma.

Other notes: The most distinguished reproduction of Cuir de Russie. Very distinct woody aroma.


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