Kai style



Kai idea design from the 6th stages of 8 stages in Kyudo Hassetsu.
The 8 Stages of Shooting:

  • ASHIBUMI(footing)
  • DOZUKURI(correcting the posture)
  • YUGAMAE(readying the bow)
  • UCHIOKOSHI(raising the bow)
  • HIKIWAKE(drawing the bow)
  • KAI(completing the draw)
  • HANARE(the release)
  • ZANSHIN(continuation)

■About KAI Stage
(completing the draw)

Kai means “Meeting.” The term is used in kyudo to show that each of the previous stages of shooting combines to form kai. The release is a natural result of their meeting.
The success or failure of the shooting is not determined after the release, it is determined in kai. It is said that kai holds the essence of kyudo.
If hikiwake is the physical draw then kai is its spiritual complement.

Included in the moment of kai are two internal actions; tsumeai and nobiai. Tsumeai is a physical expansion of the spine and skeletal structure that keeps the bow drawn at optimum length, while nobiai is more of a mental or spiritual expansion to keep the body from giving in to the tension of the bow.
As with many aspects of Kyudo, these techniques require a qualified instructor to fully comprehend.

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