A very recent pair of single monkstrap made for a customer who is also a very good friend of mine and a contributor to the slow (but steady) growth of @ichigoichie_shoemaker business.

ichigoichie shoemaker

We started talking about this project back in February of 2021, then I received his measurements, following that trial shoe was made.

First fitting happened remotely and COVID hit hard, consequently, all the consecutive fittings and trials were postponed until September.

After the second fitting and final last adjustments, this pair was realized.
This is by far my most interesting and most challenging pair of #bespokeshoes !
Stay tuned for more insights and photos of this amazing pair!

“By “handmade” I really mean each and every single stitch is sewn by hand including the upper, each and every single hole of various sizes is punched by hand.
A painstaking and time-consuming process but I enjoy every moment of it; every second, every minute is equal to a part of our heart and soul poured into your shoes.
Passion is my driving force and your support is highly appreciated!”
[- Lee Trung – bespoke shoemaker -]

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