Over the last few decades, Russian Calf has developed a folk lore type reputation particularly since the discovery of the hides on the seabed of Plymouth Sound on the wreck of the Metta Catharina. Having received permission from the Duchy of Cornwall, these hides have been raised in small quantities ever since. Nowadays, the situation is too dangerous and diving and recovering of skins has now ceased.

Made form young English locally sourced Ox hides, J&FJ Baker & Co Ltd have undergone the development of replicating this historic leather. Pit tanned for some 14 months in three types of tree bark (Oak, Willow and Birch) and a minuscule amount of fish oil. A final dressing of dubbin and birch oil has resulted in a mellow, luxurious, distinctively smelling, well rounded, old fashioned looking piece of leather.

Ichigo Ichie Shoemaker